2009 Hydro-Derby

The 2009 1st Annual Pittwater Hydro Derby Summer Invitational Fleet

This is where the legend of The Hydro-Derby transformed itself from drunken postulate to spectacular reality! Six magnificent teams shared in the vision of what this germ of an idea could become – a future that they themselves would craft that very day from old prawns, hastily conceived plans and lots and lots of beer. Those first Hydro-Derbyists will forever been remembered as pioneers…

Team RAMROD really loved the Leather Jackets

  • Team RAMROD led the charge with Beaumont, Levee, Sherman and the magnificent Boyd.
  • The Rod Wrestlers spent the day loitering around the ice cream boat with MacGregor, Alexander and Foulkes posting what has gone on to become the lowest score in Hydro-Derby history.
  • The Triumphant Touristic Trawlers under the towering presence of Team Captain Threlfall were at the centre of the frozen flathead fiasco of ’09, but Maltiz, Maclurcan and Foster could not be swayed.
  • The Red Rockets secured a blinding victory with Burns, Ward and Scaysbrook calling on all their skills for the win – even despite the great ‘Euro Can’ protest!
  • The Dark Horses and The Happy Hookers undertook a dockside merger to form The Happy Dark Horse Hookers with Joy, Paul, Britz and Steve came from left field with an astoundingly competent performance.

Tall tales dock side...

The foundations had been laid and the future looked so bright we were all wearing shades…!

Download the 2009 1st Annual Pittwater Hydro-Derby Summer Invitational Sailing Instructions HERE




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