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The Inside Line

The Pittwater Fleet

The Hydro-Derby is an event for the social athlete… it’s about getting out on the water and mixing it up a little… an epic four way battle against aquatic quarry, natures elements, the other teams and your own internal organs.

It’s hard to engage in at least half those battles effectively from land, and so we present the 2011 2nd Annual Pittwater Hydro Derby Summer Invitational Fleet. Unlike the the 2009 edition you’ll notice our fleet has expanded considerably and now rivals the 5th Fleet for sheer Hydro Dominance, it also provides teams with the flexibility to choose a competitive platform that suits their Hydro Strategy for the Derby. It’s also important to note that for the first time in history the Board of Competition Stewards is rumored to announce that the 2011 2nd Annual Pittwater Hydro Derby Summer  Invitational will be running as an Open Class, allowing teams to bring any boat they wish to the Hydro Arena!

The Tinnie... a classic Hydro Derby chariot.

The Tinnie

The Tinnie represents the essence of the Hydro Derby spirit. Unassuming, ruthlessly effective and potentially deadly to both fish and it’s occupants they were the chariot of choice for the 2009 edition. With between six and eight available for hire, no boat licence required, they can carry up to six people (3 or 4 is more comfortable). At $80 for the full four hour Hydro Derby competitive window they represent one of the most cost effective ways to go for gold.

The Bowrider - fast'ish

The Bowrider

New for 2011 we introduce the Bowrider… with styling resembling an aluminium interpretation of  the classic Italian Rivas this is certainly the hippsters choice for the 2nd Annual Hydro Derby. It promises possibly blistering speed for total coverage of the Hydro Arena and high speed fly by’s. Available at $120 for the four hour competitive window and able to carry up to six people with no licence required this could well be the winning teams platform of choice.

Party Pontoon aka The Death Star

The Party Pontoon

The Party Pontoon is a moon-sized space station and superweapon. It is capable of destroying a planet with a single destructive beam. It can also carry six people, is available for $120 for the four hour competitive window and comes with a free Sith Lord.

The 21ft Cruiser... luxury afloat

The Cruiser

This is the stretch Hummer of the Hydro Derby. It can carry an astounding 12 people and is available for $190 for the four hour competitive window. For entrepreneurial teams it creates the possibility of a lucrative sideline in people smuggling or commercial ferry operations. It’s length and girth are formidable and it would take an experienced team to be able to straddle something of those proportions and really exploit it to the full.

The Kayak... speed bump of the Hydro Derby.

The Kayak

Perfect for the eco-warrior or Grant Kenny, these Hydro Speed Bumps will undoubtedly be the the competitive platform of choice in 2060 when Kevin Costner has grown a set of gills. So get the jump on your future Derby competitors and start training now! Available at $20 for the first hour and $10 for every hour after that, if you can catch a fish, tow an esky and stay out there for the full 4 hours it would be awe inspiring.

With the sailing instructions being released and team registrations commencing on Monday 15th November it’s time to select your weapon of choice!



One thought on “The Pittwater Fleet

  1. Only seven tinnies? You call that a fleet! Come January 7th Hydro-Derby 3 is going to be sailed on the blood of the vanquished… RAMMING SPEEEEEED!

    Posted by The Drunken Admiral | September 27, 2011, 3:41 pm

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