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Hydro Communique

Total Coverage!

We need total coverage!

Just like the Fear and Loathing enveloped Mint 400 Desert Race we at Hydro Derby HQ need total coverage!

With a Hydro-Arena spanning several square nautical miles we’re relying on you, the competitors, to augment the official event coverage. Following is a guide to the media available to each team and some tips to address the coverage challenges specific to the intense demands of the Hydro-Derby format.

Moving Pictures…

If you’d like to make like a 21st century Hydro Louis-Aimé-Augustin Le Prince then the only route is moving pictures. Luckily we’ve moved on from Eastman’s paper film, to a point where even the ubiquitous mobile phone has moving pictures recording technology. What world class event would be complete without a highlights reel? And if we’re retaining Rex Hunt in the commentary booth he bloody well better have something to commentate over the top of… so keep those devices handy for when you jag the BIG one, so decide to run some 15 knot interference doughnuts around a rival team! Worst case scenario we’ll clean up at 2011 Funniest Home Video’s… There will be a centralised Hydro download point for video media at the Apres Derby Hydro Gala for compilation and screening during the Gala.

Thanks the to nifty little GoPro unit the business of capturing Moving Pictures in extreme circumstance in high definition just got a whole lot easier… check out the ‘dredge cam footage below.


If you fancy yourself as more of a Samuel Cooley type then maybe the still image is for you? Each team will need to be equipped with digital still photography capabilities for recording your Hydro Haul, so why not release your inner Alfred Eisenstaedt whilst you’re out there and capture the raw emotion of a team mates Hydro Chunder or the tumescent elation of landing that first micro-Bream. 

The Coral Trout was angry at being put on the stand...

The Courtroom Sketch

For teams looking to harness the utmost focus when on the Hydro Arena the age old technique of the Courtroom Sketch may be just the ticket. Traditionally utilised to prevent distractions and preserve the privacy of those participating in court proceedings this is a medium easily translated to the Hydro Arena. Be sure the bring some wax paper and crayons though, you’d hate to lose the fine rendering of a Leather Jackets fleshy epidermis due to moist materials.


By it’s very nature the Hydro Derby is wetter than an otter’s pocket, so if you want to record the action without your equipment ending up like a cucumber in a women’s prison then it’s going to need to possess extreme Hydro-Capabilities. GLAD Sandwich bags are the Hydro-Derbyists allies when it comes to keeping the important stuff dry, for those teams rolling with a larger budget there’s always the Jacques Cousteau rig pictured above… the important thing to remember in all of this is TOTAL COVERAGE!



2 thoughts on “Total Coverage!

  1. Total coverage… pfft. Where’s the video of the 2011 Triumphant Touristic Trawlers being hosed down naked and then presented to an octogenarian who force fed them pasta?! The public deserve to witness the true horrors of Hydro-Derby – enough with the censorship!

    Posted by Undercover Agent | September 27, 2011, 4:32 pm


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