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2011 2nd Annual Pittwater Hydro Derby Summer Invitational, Under the Influence

Hydro Brew – a hop in the right direction

Like a stealth Ninja, last Sunday the Hydro Derby Brew team smashed out 80L of mighty fine beer for the much anticipated after party. Included within the brews were the following samples that shall be available for you – Après Hydro Derby.

Australian Pale Ale

American Pale Ale

Amps Wheat Beer Special

Ass Beer Pale Ale

As we all know the only thing better than a fair dinkum go at the Hydro Derby drinks tally is a gourmet feast of craft beers made for your Hydro Derby, pleasure!

Just a little talk through the versions of beer, we’ll start with what has been termed the “Ass Beer”, not because it tastes like ass, but in fact the recipe was completely made up. How could that ever go wrong with home brew!? Never fear, turns out we have one of Alumni of  the James Squire brewery on board! Recipe goes like this…

…take 3Kg of Pale Malt, 500g of Crystal malt,

Mash in 65deg water for 1 hour, then sparge into copper.

Heat Copper to the boil, heat for 1 hour, adding 20g of hops at the start, and 30g at the end.

3 Sweet lines of Hops

Cool and filter into fermentor. Pitch yeast and let sit for 1 week or til Specific Gravity remains unchanged for 24 hours. Below is a table of the Original Gravity of the Beers available at the Après Hydro Derby.

The OG

So with a few custom brews the Après Hydro Derby preparation is well under way. What if i don’t drink beer – you may ask, a few simple answers can be provided for your amusement.

1. Learn to drink beer

2. Sign up for Distill Gin day

… Two days to go before Hydro Derby Teams are locked in for the 2011 Challenge! Get your team entry sorted now!




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