2011 Hydro-Derby

It took everyone a little longer than anticipated to recover from the 2009 1st Annual Pittwater Hydro-Derby Summer Invitational and saddle back up for the 2011 2nd Annual Pittwater Hydro-Derby Summer Invitational… but the momentum for this 2nd edition was strong indeed!

With new branding, a change in scheduling from it’s first mid-December slot to an early January competition window the 2011 Hydro-Derby enjoyed its strongest field to date. Competitors benefited from a revised rule book, new scoring sheets, and the Board of Competition Stewards (newly formed for the 2011 edition) had loosened the teams vessel and size restrictions bringing on the era of the Super Team.

Team Legio XIII Ebrius Maximus took to the field of battle under Commander Ward who had returned from victory in the 2009 edition as part of The Red Rockets. Resplendent in full Roman regalia they sought only victory.

Team Zissou brought the fight for the Jaguar Shark to the 2011 Hydro-Derby. Red beanies proved to be a poor choice under the summer sun, but with the Webb’s champion fishing skills running hot and the Burns / Moreland drinking duo sucking down the cold ones initial tallies had them looking strong for the win despite a near sinking and some heroic bailing.

The Stepfords. Every so often someone comes along and changes the game forever. The Stepfords brought us Super League Hydro-Derby. Best in show outfits, hired gun fishing skills and a highly controversial ability to drink their own body weight in champagne, beer, vodka and sea water they claimed victory with the highest ever score in Hydro-Derby history.

The Triumphant Touristic Trawlers with a team name plucked from the annals of the Hydro-Derby Hall of Fame Team Captain Malitz was seeking excellence. Instead he almost went home in an ambulance. Two team members and two bricks of Bundy later they will forever serve as a tale of excess over success.

The Dirty Mexicans unfortunately a late scratching, some of their talent went on to literally hose down and then resuscitate the Touristic Trawlers.

Team Gout. These boys from the bush talked a big game, arrived en masse in mullets, flanno’s and truckers caps and then were never seen again… something about the light and space of the Hydro-Arena really put the zap on them, with a low range drinking score and not much to show on the fish front. We expect a lift in form for HD3.

Team RAMROD were back again as only the second team to carry their name from the 1st Annual Pittwater Hydro-Derby Summer Invitational. They opened slowly but finished with a flourish… winners in their own lunch box they went on to celebrate into the evening regardless.




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