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Hydro-Derby Kit… getting that winning edge!

If you are a mad keen Hydro-Derbyist bent on world domination and hoisting the Pittwater Perpetual Pail, then you want the best fishing gear available. But, it can be quite pricey if you shop retail. Thankfully, there are a few online stores that offer fishing gear at very reasonable prices. In this Hydro Communique, we … Continue reading

The Inside Line: Dress to Impress

A common miss-conception is that the Hydro-Derby is all about getting sideways while trying to fish. If you were to casually glance at last years spectacle you may think that the only way to win is smash down a Salmanazar of Champagne then go fishing. Although I am happy to touch on the drinking finer … Continue reading

2012 Hydro-Derby Launch Day… coming soon

After many weeks of working through the format of 2012’s Hydro-Derby (fishing-drinking-fancy dress) we have stumbled upon Hydro Man… possibly a figment of our imagination. We may or may not have plagerised the following… Hydro Man aka Morris “Morrie” Bench gains his superpowers while as a crewman on the cargo ship the U.S.S.Bulldog, having been knocked overboard accidentally by Spider-Man (after the hero … Continue reading

The Inside Line: Your Board of Competition Stewards

From its earliest days as a germ of an idea conceived atop the grand piano of a Surry Hills bar the Hydro-Derby has required an invisible hand to chart its trajectory into the Eternal Parthenon of World Sporting Glory. The Board of Competition Stewards formed its first quorum at the Golden Bowling Ball in the lead … Continue reading