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2012 Hydro-Derby Launch Day… coming soon

Hydro Man protector of the Hydro Derby

Hydro Man protector of the Hydro Derby

After many weeks of working through the format of 2012’s Hydro-Derby (fishing-drinking-fancy dress) we have stumbled upon Hydro Man… possibly a figment of our imagination.

We may or may not have plagerised the following…

Hydro Man aka Morris “Morrie” Bench gains his superpowers while as a crewman on the cargo ship the U.S.S.Bulldog, having been knocked overboard accidentally by Spider-Man (after the hero had finished a fight against Namor) while a powerful experimental generator is being tested in the ocean. The combination of unknown radiation and his immersion in a deep ocean dwelling bacteria turns him into the Hydro-Man. When he realized that he had become a man-of-water, he blamed Spider-Man for his disgrace and started to hunt him (through many showers, sewers and water valves), in order to get revenge on the hero, but was defeated in combat. Soon after that, he becomes merged with the Sandman into a composite mud/quicksand-like creature called Mud-Thing.

Hydro-Man is a typical low rent super criminal, joining supervillain teams such as the Sinister Syndicate, including that of the Frightful Four. While working with the Sinister Syndicate, Hydro-Man demonstrates a willingness to put up with just about anything in the name of financial gain. He ignores the constant politicking of the other members and looks past the Beetle’s betrayal of the group to the Kingpin in the belief that the group was economically beneficial to him.

Hydro Man was a member of Crimson Cowl’s Masters of Evil, and battled the Thunderbolts. After the disintegration of the group, he began to cooperate with the Shocker. He was hired by theGreen Goblin to be part of his Sinister Twelve to help kill Spider-Man, but was defeated.

Well that was confusing…. Stand by for Hydro Derby aka HD3, aka the Greatest Competition on Earth, aka Beyond Thunderdome…



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