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The Inside Line: Dress to Impress

A common miss-conception is that the Hydro-Derby is all about getting sideways while trying to fish. If you were to casually glance at last years spectacle you may think that the only way to win is smash down a Salmanazar of Champagne then go fishing. Although I am happy to touch on the drinking finer points at a later time, todays post I think will focus on the Fancy Dress, a significant part of the program… and valuable early points for any team out to win!

The above Gentleman wears Italian Boots with a Prada fishing rod. Suitable for prancing around the shore and in little yellow tinnie.

playing to win

The Derbyists snapped in this photo above decided on the “stealth orange” approach to Hydro-Derby fashion, snaring some large fish and a “stealth orange fish”. Braces & Belt optional. Team score is always important when calculating the Participation Index!

a successful catch

If you are going to send down a spear fisher on derby day, be mindful of your teams uniform, should really match. Though perhaps the octo-swimsuit look may not be for everyone.

Wetsuits – Star Trek Style

These Star Trek wetsuits will cost you the earth ($470 each) and would certainly get you the maximum score for the fancy dress component…

John Howards track suit special team entry uniform

Time to get all Aussie, mate. The green and gold track suit is Gold! Hydro teams sporting this get up need not worry about sun screen, and getting home is as easy as thumbs up.

Oh thats Odd

Don’t be the odd one out, be a Hydro Derby triple threat… Dress to Impress!



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