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Upping your Angling Quotient

Through out the Ages as man has sought to wrangle with his Piscatorial Adversary a litany of errors have been cataloged. In the two editions of Hydro-Derby thus far we’ve each witnessed literally dozens of crucial errors being made as teams battle that elusive piscatorial adversary.

Without wanting to tip the field to anyone’s favour how about we touch on some of the finer points and include the top five most common angling errors…


The Number 1 biggest mistake Hydro-Derbyists can make would have to be tossing their line out and then reeling it right back in!

If landing a big Hydro-Derby booty is what your passionate about, then what you should really do is, cast your line out and let it sit there… where ever it lands and wait, wait, and wait (30 seconds and more at times). Maybe even sit back and take the opportunity to consume a couple of Standard Drinks. This alone will do wonders to your score!

It’s usually tough to see under water even for fish, which is why you NEED to put this next tip to use at all times…


When casting a lure into the water don’t just let it sit there… Reel in your line until there is no slack left, then snap / jerk your wrist towards you to stir up some Brian Wilson inspired good vibrations, and commotion in the water.

By doing this you will create loads of curiosity around your bait, fish will come to see what’s going on and quickly see a delicious little meal bouncing around and it will immediately turn into a feeding frenzy*, your lure will be irresistible to them!


We see it all the time, mostly on Saturday night, the confidence dressed fat chick on heat, we’ve all seen them and here is a smooth segue from fat chicks to fishing, most fisherman have a go, they also have a “go to bait” that they can always count on to catch fish when nothing else is working. It’s the angling equivelant of ‘going ugly early’, certainly a respectable strategy in lean times until this bait turns into the only thing you use…

It’s always a wise decision to keep your ‘go to’ bait as a ‘go to’ bait – so keep switching your tactics constantly (every 10-15 minutes) if you aren’t catching anything!


Don’t lose your focus, eye on the prize! You didn’t come here to fornicate with arachnids! Some say the Hydro-Derby is supposed to be a relaxing day out but you still need to pay attention to what your doing, and in the end… it’s the most committed and focused social athletes that take home the chocolates.

It’s often the case teams tend to do best when they first start fishing, Why? Because they’re psyched to be out on the water fishing, drinking and in fancy dress.Totally pumped!

But what happens when it’s been a few hours or more into the Competitive Window?

You get tired, relaxed, and blind drunk which in turn causes chronic “LOSS OF FOCUS”. If you can just remember where you need to be casting, to jiggle your bait, and every once in awhile change up your angle if your not having much luck, you should be just fine!


No luck? …Keep moving! If you aren’t catching anything change it up, give it a shot then leave that spot…

I don’t care how many fish you caught or what you heard about a spot if you don’t get anything within 15 – 20 minutes…LEAVE, and leave fast, There’s nothing there, not today at least, don’t waste your time! There’s three main competitive areas in the Hydro-Arena, so wind on some throttle and cover some nautical miles!

Originally By: Nick Mack
Nick Mack is an experienced bass fisherman. He is actively involved in local tournaments and his bass fishing tips and tricks are all over the net. If you want to know more about catching huge bass all the time you can get FREE tips on his website at… http://www.Pro-Fishing-Tips.com

*not guaranteed



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