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Piscatorial Adversaries, The Inside Line

Catching the BIG ONE!

Many a Hydro-Derby Team has dreamed of that mega catch, cleaning out the competition with a 50 canner. To date the closest anyone has come were The Triumphant Touristic Trawlers and the ‘Flathead-Gate’ of HD1

If someone is going to go surpass those early victories we need to look a little further a field…

Sailfish are one of the great Piscatorial Adversaries, and measure in an a hell of a lot more than 50 cans! Of course, finding them for yourself requires a keen eye for the habitat in which the sailfish thrive. One such place is located off the Pittwater coastline, where in 65 feet of water you can find the breeding grounds for piscatorial predators, as well as bait fish, along the series of reefs.

Many local fishermen use the incomprehensibly daft ballyhoo rigging in order to catch the Sailfish, but with a little time and practice you can pick up on the local techniques, or wield some depth charges to even the score. In taking the more traditional approach the aim is to make your own artificial bait pod to attract the Sailfish right to your rigging… hence the term… frigging in the rigging. Possibly.



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