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2012 3rd Annual Pittwater Hydro Derby Summer Invitational, Social Athletes, Who's Who in the Zoo

2012 Team Profile: The Cod Botherers

Entry by Tablet... old testament style

It was a mere matter of moments after the 2012 3rd Annual Hydro-Derby Pittwater Summer Invitational officially launched that two stone tablets miraculously appeared at Hydro-Derby HQ Jerusalem Sub-Branch. Upon translation it is alleged they contain details of the entry for HD3’s first team, The Cod Botherers.

Having sprung from the boundless mind of Team Captain P.E.Ward, who’s long affiliation with the burning bush is well known in discrete circles, there is no telling just how far this team will go and just who’s Cod they are out to bother.

As of this date the team consists of the following esteemed and battled hardened social athletes…

P.E ‘Burning Bush‘ Ward (c)
P. ‘Come Closer and I’ll Show You My Ark‘ Brian
M. ‘Is that a False Idol in Your Pocket’ Karbowiak
J. ‘I’ll Put My Seed Where I Wish’ Thirlwell
M. ‘Mary but not that Mary’ Axon

Team Theologians are studying hard for that competitive edge...

Stay tuned for further details and new team announcements as they come to hand!

HD3: It’s coming and there’s nothing you can do about it.




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