2012 Hydro-Derby





The 2012 3rd Annual Pittwater Hydro-Derby Summer Invitational stands to be the most exciting yet. The Board of Competition Stewards have been hard at work over the off-season to refine the Hydro-Derby concept and unleash a raft of ground breaking innovations for HD3: Beyond Thunderdome.

What are some of these changes you ask? Well the Sailing Instructions and Scoresheets have both been revised for 2012 with some of the following highlights…

  • New logistics and transport support for teams in to and out of the Hydro-Derby, eliminating the worrisome need for a designated driver on the return trip!
  • The christening of a Hydro-Derby Control Launch… your race committee for the day, distributor of arbitrary challenges and associated bonus points, judge, jury and executioner in on-water protests, and mobile spectator barge for those that want to kit up in fancy dress and drink… but for whom the raw prawn is an unpalatable obstacle.
  • Le Mans style Hydro-Derby Start… bringing on mass chaos and a high speed, full throttle run across the Hydro-Arena!
  • More convenient Hydro-Gala location, and awarding of the Pittwater Perpetual Pail immediately following the closing of the Competitive Window.
  • Hydro-Derby Bin’o’Death. It’s happening.

Stay tuned for the latest, and register your teams with the PAA as soon as possible to ensure your competitive slot in 2012’s greatest Social Athlete Contest!



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