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2012 3rd Annual Pittwater Hydro Derby Summer Invitational

HD3… The Wash-Up

Saturday 7th January 2012: The 3rd Annual Pittwater Hydro-Derby Summer Invitational is held in near perfect conditions for competitive fishing, drinking and fancy dress.

Four noble teams took to the water, all intent on hoisting the Pittwater Perpetual Pail in victory come days end…

The Cod Botherers riding low...

The Cod Botherers were resplendent, with their Team Captain donning the full suite of Papal regalia – attended by his Cardinals, Jesus and a Holy Strumpet. Fielding the most numerous team on the water all six weighed in at 478kg… and judging by the number of Esky’s they were packing into their Tinnie they had the Standard Drinks to back it up.

The Fishing Poles, having been told to stop eating all the Carp in Wales it wasn’t long before the Polish industrial fishing complex set its sights on Hydro-Derby glory. The commute to the Hydro-Arena though was punishing and after the thrilling on water transfer of their Team Captain little was ever heard from them again. Maybe they drank four litres of Zubrowka, or maybe they caught and devoured a Marlin… we’ll never know. All that has been recovered is this disturbing footage.

The Triumphant Touristic Trawlers. Back for their 3rd consecutive Hydro-Derby they were hell bent on a) winning b) getting more milage out of their original outfits. With a 50/50 gender split the TTTT led the equal opportunity charge in 2012, as well as being the only team to favour Ciders in the Drinking Performance. They are also the 2012 recipients of the Steve Irwin Award for the successful catch and release of a Stingray during the Hydro-Derby.

The Hit Squad... on form in 2012

The M.Sumner Memorial Hit Squad. Tipping in at 255kg this three operative outfit was drinking, fishing and dressing up in memory of a fallen comrade… locked down by the injustices of a Saturday mulch delivery. Sporting the latest in international sports and travel wear it was either going to be a day of unparalleled victory or one filled with doom and unmitigated failure. With founding members from the historic Red Rockets and Team Zissou would the third time be a charm?

So as the sun set over Pittwater and the 2012 Hydro-Gala kicked off by a pool in Mona Vale how did our valiant teams fare in this most noble of battles? The Overall Scores were close… in fact the closest in Hydro-Derby history! After a review of the scoring formula and some drunken maths we arrived at the following…

1st Place: The M.Sumner Memorial Hit Squad – 4106.48 (PI=6, AQ=22, DP=146.666)

2nd Place: The Cod Botherers – 4079.49 (PI=10, AQ=20, DP=135.983)

3rd Place: The Triumphant Touristic Trawlers – 1221.83 (PI=4, AQ=5, DP=135.759)

Victory Skulls from the Pittwater Perpetual Pail...

Stay tuned for more exciting updates to the Hydro-Derby and big news for the 2012-13 Hydro-Derby season.



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