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Classic Catches… Hydro-Edition

Originally posted on The Hydro-Derby:
Starfish… more dangerous than they first appear At the Hydro-Derby HQ we love to appropriate a good idea and make it our own… As the Hydro-Derby spreads like a bad case of crabs through a college dorm it is time we look back at some of the lesser known triumphs…

Hawking’s Guide to Maximum Points

Originally posted on The Hydro-Derby:
It’s not widely known but, when he’s not pondering the beginnings of the universe, Professor Steven Hawking is an enthusiastic angler.   Indeed he can often be found trundling along the banks of the Cambridge University canals with a large trolling rig gaffa-taped to the frame of his wheelchair. So it…

Hydro Derby 2013 – Allstars