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HDIV Team Profile: The Checkout Chicks

The local Sydney division of Hydroderby HQ has received word form our sister city (Melbourne) that an all girls team of Cashiers will be coming to Hydroderby to compete on the “world stage” of competitive fishing and fancy dress. They have aptly called themselves the “checkout chicks” which is so wrong on many levels of … Continue reading

HDIV Team Profile: Sheik & Bake

We’ve just unrolled the following scroll at Hydro-Derby HQ… Fresh from a spot of salmon fishing in the Yemen.we had heard about the bountiful coves of Pittwater. A quick Google of the waterway yielded this Hydro-Derby! What better way to make our trawling debut than at this most prestigious event. We will be arriving by … Continue reading

HDIV Team Profile: The Help

Today the Board of Competition Stewards received this rather disturbing notice of intent… it seems the highest scoring team in Hydro-Derby history, achieving a still¬†controversial¬†score in excess of 10,000 points, and defining the ‘Super Derby’ era is back and ready to leave another stain on the carpet. ¬†