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HDIV Team Profile: The Help

Today the Board of Competition Stewards received this rather disturbing notice of intent… it seems the highest scoring team in Hydro-Derby history, achieving a still controversial score in excess of 10,000 points, and defining the ‘Super Derby’ era is back and ready to leave another stain on the carpet.  


Early in 2011, the idyllic little gated Connecticut community welcomed home the victorious Stepford Wives from the critically acclaimed Pittwater Hydro Derby. The girls were weathered, worn out, sun damaged, slutty and not to mention proud owners of one hell of a hangover. A cheeky and well-orchestrated plan to mix Vodka with Gatorade ensured a revered level of intoxication with a sophisticated level of hydration.

With climate change and fishing permits making headlines in 2012, the community thought it best not to enter the girls to defend their title…instead a devious plan emerged. The community would lay down their rods in 2012 and allow the unsuspecting fishies to regenerate…just it time for a renewed 2013 onslaught!

It is with pride that I announce…THE HELP.

The everyday unsung heroes of the Connecticut community will take a day off from the chores harshly allocated by The Stepford Wives and bring home their trophy!



Larry Pool Scoop Bonser (c)


Luscious Mop & Bucket Burden (vc)

0 (1)

“Bougainvillea” Laird

0 (2)

“Baseline” Burden


“Motor” Moll


Archie Godzilla

– ENDS –



One thought on “HDIV Team Profile: The Help

  1. As an adoring fan of the Stepfords, I am just thrilled to hear that they will once again compete in this unique marque event. Wrangle Well.
    Jerome le Sinker

    Posted by Jerome | December 11, 2012, 5:25 pm

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