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2013 4th Annual Pittwater Hydro Derby Summer Invitational, HDIV, Social Athletes, Who's Who in the Zoo

HDIV Team Profile: Sheik & Bake

We’ve just unrolled the following scroll at Hydro-Derby HQ…

Fresh from a spot of salmon fishing in the Yemen.we had heard about the bountiful coves of Pittwater. A quick Google of the waterway yielded this Hydro-Derby! What better way to make our trawling debut than at this most prestigious event. We will be arriving by our Team A380 to your Kingsford-Smith Aerodrome and rolling with our Mercedes Benz Geländewagen-63’s and dominate the arena by means of the luxurious “bow rider”. the team is as follows:

sheikh zayed and sons

Sheik Wilson ~ has been restricted from entering previous Hydro-Derby events due to international arms dealing commitments. Looking to bring his ‘explosive’ force to bear on the competition in 2013.

Sheik Amos ~ known across Saudi Arabia for his social stamina and world renowned harem this Sheik will be an asset on and off the water.

Sheik Wright ~ often associated with inappropriate humour and a resemblance to harry potter [as well as other celebrities and inanimate objects] Sheik Wright will be entertaining the crew.

Sheik French ~ a keen angler from way back French learnt his trade interning with the Japanese with a harpoon at first but quickly graduated to the rod and reel. Now days is considered a force to be reckoned with across multiple piscatorial disciplines including his patented Mururoa Technique. As a social athlete however Sheik French may be a valuable source of seasoned burly.



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