you're angling...
2013 4th Annual Pittwater Hydro Derby Summer Invitational, HDIV

HDIV Team Profile: The Fuzz


Watch out, here come The Fuzz! The 6th official entry into HDIV has come screaming in under full siren… with an experienced and wily team of veterans taking to the water on January 19th.

Representing the very very long arm of the law these Hydro-Derby stalwarts are set to blaze a trail through the competition, with huge scores backed up by solid on water performances as standard. Team Captain, Officer Ward, literally wrote the scoring book when it comes to the scoring formula… so he’ll be ready to lay down the law on the Hydro-Arena.

Opposing teams would be well advised to approach with caution, as no one likes a mid-Derby taser to the face..  even more importantly there is allegedly a high likelihood of spotting Nessy the Hydro-Grogan in their wake, a classic move classed under ‘non-traditional’ burly techniques for those that have been in one too many Derbys.

Sir, step away from the water with your hands where I can see them!




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