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2013 4th Annual Pittwater Hydro Derby Summer Invitational, Hydro Communique, The Inside Line

HDIV: On Shore Guide

Whilst the Hydro-Arena dominates competition there are several important pre and post derby elements that take place on shore. Having a clear team plan for the day will ensure you are all ready to push as hard as possible during the competition.

A key part of maximizing your success in the Hydro-Derby is being on the water for the starting signal… giving away an hour of fishing and drinking time to your competitors because you forgot how far Palm Beach is from Sydney is either supremely confident or ill-advised. Teams have found themselves stranded après Derby, inebriated and emotional in the Palm Beach parking lot when it turned out that their nominated sober skipper for the day was actually too young to also drive them home that night, whilst others have had to deal with concussions from electrical boxes, car vs boat collisions, emergency pasta stops at grandparents houses and all manner of other highly unpredictable behaviour.

In an effort to contain the incidence of such lunacy we’ve knocked up the following guide to HDIV’s on shore activities and indicative timings.


1100hrs – Teams should be getting on the road and heading north,

1200hrs – Teams aim to rendezvous in the vicinity of The Boathouse, Governor Phillip Park, Palm Beach. All team fishing gear, eskies, and paraphernalia should be stacked in AREA A (see graphic)

1215hrs – HDIV registration is open. Teams should be attired in their full competitive outfit for judging, team weigh in, beverage logging and score sheet pick up.

1245hrs – Once their teams registration is complete Team Captains can proceed to Barrenjoey Boating Services to complete their Boat Hire paperwork

1300hrs – Teams take to the water and roughly position their vessels in the Start Area

1305hrs – Latest time the starting signal will sound for the commencement of HDIV.

1700hrs – All teams must have a dock line back on to the wharf at Barrenjoey Boating Services at the conclusion of the competitive window

1715hrs – Team Captains to present their score cards to final scoring, any protests must be lodged at this time. Crews can unload their gear back to AREA A.

1730hrs – Presentation of the Pittwater Perpetual Pail.

1800hrs – Official presentations and après Derby banter wraps up, teams free to carry on to house parties, transfers, sea planes, or passing out as required.


Do I have to pay for parking at Palmy?

If you’re driving to Hydro-Derby (alarm bells should be sounding already) then you’ll need to prepare yourself for some ruthless council parking inspectors around Governor Phillip Park. Keep and eye on the signs and top up that ticket!

What Public Transport options are available?

The L90 is the bus line that runs up this way… intermittent at best, at least you won’t be the drunkest person on it on a Saturday night as the Peninsula heads out for the night.

What about cabs?

Book early to avoid waiting around FOREVER. Manly Cabs (02) 9972-5600 or Peninsula Cabs (02) 8868-4141 are most likely to turn up.

Hire Cars?

Book early, waiting till the afternoon and using something like Uber will only lead to mayhem as you violently sober up in a carpark or can on to ride the wave whilst you wait. Either way it’s messy.

Who is kicking on?

There’s always a few teams that didn’t push quite hard enough on the water, and so will be looking to kick on in the local area. You can try your luck at the local Palmy RSL or some of the pizza shops in Avalon or Careel Bay, but your best chance is to befriend some of the Hydro-Derby participants who are staying locally and pull together an after party. Don’t be shy, they’re likely as mad as you.



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