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2013 4th Annual Pittwater Hydro Derby Summer Invitational, HDIV

HDIV: The Wash Up

photo (3)

Well there it is… The 4th Annual Pittwater Hydro Derby Summer Invitational has been run, done and won.

There will be a full write up in the coming days, as the stories and images are collected from across the fleet… we’ve already heard some great tales from on and off the water, and encourage you to share your teams high’s and low’s with us via Hydro-Derby on Facebook.

It also wouldn’t be Hydro Derby without a laundry list of lost and misplaced items… we’ve heard reports of everything from people waking up in someone else’s clothes to the seemingly random reallocation of fishing rods, tackle boxes, eskies and paraphernalia across greater Sydney. Hydro Derby is a community, so we’ll be doing our best to connect everyone with the rightful owners of the kit they’ve woken up with on Sunday… again please use the Facebook page to post any suspiciously foreign findings.

There will also be full score break downs, some further awards and plenty of après Derby banter… just to ease you through the Hydro Derby come down.



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