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2013 4th Annual Pittwater Hydro Derby Summer Invitational, finer points, HDIV, HDIV

Hydroderby Scores 2013

ImageAs we all go about our week, endlessly trying to remember what happened last weekend, finding lost minds, enrolling in group therapy courses and wondering how that escalated so quickly, we are reminded that the scores are still pending….

While you were living out dude wheres my car…pants…keys…glasses mostly this week the Team at the ABC election team were agonising over the Hydro Derby scores. Many of you may know that Antony Green is an avid Hydroderbyist when he’s not calling the election too early. Well like an overanalyzed Antony Green Post election blog entry, here is the 411 on what was Hydroderby 2013:

White Snake’s completed scorecard never made it in (only their incomplete first botched card got submitted) – so unfortunately they receive a DNF on a failure-to-lodge technicality.

Overall Trophy Standings:

  • 1st Top Gun – 13788.6792
  • 2nd The Fuzz – 7570.5329
  • 3rd Rum Runners – 6755.6485 (1st Attempt! Nice Effort)
  • 4th Sheik & Bake – 4571.9807
  • 5th Mexicans – 3710.4294
  • 6th Fear & Loathing – 3370.2715
  • 7th In The Navy – 3250.5226
  • 8th Stuart Auld Mystery Team (whatever the fuck they were called) – 2902.8571
  • 9th Pussy Power – 2028.7206
  • DNF White Snake
  • Minor Awards:
  • Filter Feeders (biggest drinkers): The Fuzz – 216.3 standard drinks per tonne
  • Rex Hunt Trophy (best fishing score): Top Gun – 81pts
  • Clownfish (best costumes): Pussy Power – 10pts
  • Trawlermen (most species caught): Sheik & Bake/Rum Runners – 4 species
  • Whalers (heaviest crew): Top Gun – 92.75 kg average crew weight
  • Tiddlers (lightest crew): In The Navy – 57.4kg average crew weight

Wooden Spoons:
Cadbury Trophy (for worst drinkers): Pussy Power – 144.9 standard drinks per tonne
Hungry Tonight (worst fishing score): Pussy Power – 4pts
Krill Killers (lowest average fish size): In The Navy – 1.2cans

I think that all gives a fun and pretty informative insight into what went down on the water performance-wise (no-one really knows what happens on Derby day). I think there’s something there for almost every team to either rave about or be deeply embarassed by – which is what it’s all about!



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