What’s All This Then?
The Hydro Derby is the ultimate teams adventure fishing competition for social athletes, held under the auspices of the Pissed Anglers Association (PAA), presented in association with Adventure Sundays, and conceptualized whilst under the influence… Competitive teams of take to the sea from the Hydro Derby HQ for an epic struggle of man versus his piscatorial nemesis, and liver versus his oldest foe, Alcohol.

Teams have just under four hours to catch as many fish as possible, digitally document and measure their hauls, and consume as many standard drinks as practical. All results are be recorded for later input into the PAA high scoring formula at the post-event gala BBQ that afternoon. See the Steve Hawking’s Guide for more detail on the scoring system.

The field of play is limited to a Hydro-Arena, with offside lines drawn to contain the action. There  is a compulsory engagement to further compress the competitive nature of the event. To avoid an arms race fishing gear per team is limited to three implements per team, this includes both passive and active systems, so harpoons are in.

For more details refer to the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions for your Hydro Derby event. 


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