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Hydroderby Scores 2013

As we all go about our week, endlessly trying to remember what happened last weekend, finding lost minds, enrolling in group therapy courses and wondering how that escalated so quickly, we are reminded that the scores are still pending…. While you were living out dude wheres my car…pants…keys…glasses mostly this week the Team at the … Continue reading

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Whilst the Hydro-Arena dominates competition there are several important pre and post derby elements that take place on shore. Having a clear team plan for the day will ensure you are all ready to push as hard as possible during the competition. A key part of maximizing your success in…

Hemingway on fishing…

Hemingway on Fishing by Ernest Hemingway From childhood on, Ernest Hemingway was a passionate fisherman. He fished the lakes and creeks near the family’s summer home at Walloon Lake, Michigan, and his first stories and reportage were often about his favorite sport. Of all his fishing places the Hydro – Arena in Pittwater was by … Continue reading

HDIV Team profile: Team Top Gun – I feel the need, the need for speed.

The Miramar Naval Air Station division of Derby HQ, has just received radio contact of a team entry based on the always popular children’s movie “Top Gun”. This quite possibly is the first team to come complete with anthem. This years entry is hoping to take the Hydroderby by the sound barrier, taking the Pittwater Perpetual … Continue reading

HDIV Team Profile: The Checkout Chicks

The local Sydney division of Hydroderby HQ has received word form our sister city (Melbourne) that an all girls team of Cashiers will be coming to Hydroderby to compete on the “world stage” of competitive fishing and fancy dress. They have aptly called themselves the “checkout chicks” which is so wrong on many levels of … Continue reading

Fishing in Pittwater, Sydney

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Pittwater is a funny place to fish, it’s not very nutrient rich so the fish move in and out of the system depending on the food source. It’s been patchy for me lately, one day good the next terrible.   44cm Bream on a Blade from The…

A few words with Rex

Every now and then famous fisherpeeps of the real world stop by Hydro-Derby HQ and talk to other magazines. We then get what they said, skew it 10% and submit. Just like University degrees really…. 1. Name, age, partner, kids and where’s home? Rex James Hunt, 58 years, married to Lynne for 35 years, 2 … Continue reading

Classic Catches… Hydro-Edition

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Starfish… more dangerous than they first appear At the Hydro-Derby HQ we love to appropriate a good idea and make it our own… As the Hydro-Derby spreads like a bad case of crabs through a college dorm it is time we look back at some of the lesser known triumphs…

Hawking’s Guide to Maximum Points

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It’s not widely known but, when he’s not pondering the beginnings of the universe, Professor Steven Hawking is an enthusiastic angler.   Indeed he can often be found trundling along the banks of the Cambridge University canals with a large trolling rig gaffa-taped to the frame of his wheelchair. So it…

Hydro Derby 2013 – Allstars