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HDIV: The Wash Up

Well there it is… The 4th Annual Pittwater Hydro Derby Summer Invitational has been run, done and won. There will be a full write up in the coming days, as the stories and images are collected from across the fleet… we’ve already heard some great tales from on and off the water, and encourage you … Continue reading

HDIV: On Shore Guide

Whilst the Hydro-Arena dominates competition there are several important pre and post derby elements that take place on shore. Having a clear team plan for the day will ensure you are all ready to push as hard as possible during the competition. A key part of maximizing your success in the Hydro-Derby is being on … Continue reading

HDIV Team Profile: White Snake

Slithering into HDIV at the eleventh hour… it’s Team White Snake. Having thrived in the cut-throat environment of 80’s hair metal, this rag tag hairdressers wet dream will surely be a force to be reckoned with despite their lack of Hydro-Derby experience. One only has to look at their close friends Led Zepplin’s legendary prowess … Continue reading

HDIV Team Profile: Pussy Power

With just one week until Hydro-Derby eve the 7th official team has used all of its feminine wiles and clawed their way into HDIV. Pussy Power is the first all female team in Hydro-Derby history. For several of the team members this won’t be their first rodeo, however in 2013 they’ve elected to drop the … Continue reading

Navigating HDIV – Your Guide to the 2013 Hydro-Arena

Since it’s inception the Hydro-Derby has been rooted in the spirit and culture of Pittwater. This is a pleasant afternoon mucking about on boats, with high range alcohol abuse and dark overtones of cut throat competitiveness mixed in with equal measure. All epic battles have their hallowed turf, center court at Wimbledon, the MCG, Yankee Stadium… for … Continue reading

HDIV Team Profile: The Fuzz

Watch out, here come The Fuzz! The 6th official entry into HDIV has come screaming in under full siren… with an experienced and wily team of veterans taking to the water on January 19th. Representing the very very long arm of the law these Hydro-Derby stalwarts are set to blaze a trail through the competition, … Continue reading

HDIV Team Profile: The Rum Runners

  In the black of night a 40 foot skiff idled into the cove below Hydro-Derby HQ, laden with the 5th official entry into HDIV. The Rum Runners have smuggled their way in to this prestigious competition, plying the Board of Competition Stewards with moonshine and distracting the competition with their flappers. There was some … Continue reading

HDIV Team Profile: Fear & Loathing

“Some may never live, but the crazy never die” – Hunter S. Thompson As a wave of pre Hydro-Derby excitement crested and broke on the front steps of Hydro-Derby HQ we happened upon the charred husk of justice and truth, clinging to it’s future and delivering this message… Weird heroes and mould-breaking champions exist as living proof … Continue reading

HDIV Team Profile: Sheik & Bake

We’ve just unrolled the following scroll at Hydro-Derby HQ… Fresh from a spot of salmon fishing in the Yemen.we had heard about the bountiful coves of Pittwater. A quick Google of the waterway yielded this Hydro-Derby! What better way to make our trawling debut than at this most prestigious event. We will be arriving by … Continue reading

HDIV Team Profile: The Help

Today the Board of Competition Stewards received this rather disturbing notice of intent… it seems the highest scoring team in Hydro-Derby history, achieving a still controversial score in excess of 10,000 points, and defining the ‘Super Derby’ era is back and ready to leave another stain on the carpet.