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Hydroderby Scores 2013

As we all go about our week, endlessly trying to remember what happened last weekend, finding lost minds, enrolling in group therapy courses and wondering how that escalated so quickly, we are reminded that the scores are still pending…. While you were living out dude wheres my car…pants…keys…glasses mostly this week the Team at the … Continue reading

Navigating HDIV – Your Guide to the 2013 Hydro-Arena

Since it’s inception the Hydro-Derby has been rooted in the spirit and culture of Pittwater. This is a pleasant afternoon mucking about on boats, with high range alcohol abuse and dark overtones of cut throat competitiveness mixed in with equal measure. All epic battles have their hallowed turf, center court at Wimbledon, the MCG, Yankee Stadium… for … Continue reading

Upping your Angling Quotient

Through out the Ages as man has sought to wrangle with his Piscatorial Adversary a litany of errors have been cataloged. In the two editions of Hydro-Derby thus far we’ve each witnessed literally dozens of crucial errors being made as teams battle that elusive piscatorial adversary. Without wanting to tip the field to anyone’s favour how about we … Continue reading