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Hydroderby Scores 2013

As we all go about our week, endlessly trying to remember what happened last weekend, finding lost minds, enrolling in group therapy courses and wondering how that escalated so quickly, we are reminded that the scores are still pending…. While you were living out dude wheres my car…pants…keys…glasses mostly this week the Team at the … Continue reading

HDIV Team profile: Team Top Gun – I feel the need, the need for speed.

The Miramar Naval Air Station┬ádivision of Derby HQ, has just received radio contact of a team entry based on the always popular children’s movie “Top Gun”. This quite possibly is the first team to come complete with anthem. This years entry is hoping to take the Hydroderby by the sound barrier, taking the Pittwater Perpetual … Continue reading

The Inside Line: Dress to Impress

A common miss-conception is that the Hydro-Derby is all about getting sideways while trying to fish. If you were to casually glance at last years spectacle you may think that the only way to win is smash down a Salmanazar of Champagne then go fishing. Although I am happy to touch on the drinking finer … Continue reading