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Classic Catches… Hydro-Edition

Originally posted on The Hydro-Derby:
Starfish… more dangerous than they first appear At the Hydro-Derby HQ we love to appropriate a good idea and make it our own… As the Hydro-Derby spreads like a bad case of crabs through a college dorm it is time we look back at some of the lesser known triumphs…

Hawking’s Guide to Maximum Points

Originally posted on The Hydro-Derby:
It’s not widely known but, when he’s not pondering the beginnings of the universe, Professor Steven Hawking is an enthusiastic angler.   Indeed he can often be found trundling along the banks of the Cambridge University canals with a large trolling rig gaffa-taped to the frame of his wheelchair. So it…

Upping your Angling Quotient

Through out the Ages as man has sought to wrangle with his Piscatorial Adversary a litany of errors have been cataloged. In the two editions of Hydro-Derby thus far we’ve each witnessed literally dozens of crucial errors being made as teams battle that elusive piscatorial adversary. Without wanting to tip the field to anyone’s favour how about we … Continue reading

Pro time – Bass fishing USA

  Dave Mercer – Pro Awesome Dave Mercer cannot make it this year to the Hydro Derby despite numerous requests, he did however send this link for a few tips; Dave Mercer on Kopper’s Live Target Lures at Bass Pro Shops Dave Mercer on facts of fishing Some pretty serious stuff here, A true champion … Continue reading

The Inside Line: Knowing your Knots

Social Athletes of all persuasions are often presented with a series of scenarios within the Hydroderby arena that can make or break your race for the 2011 Pittwater perpetual pail. Losing fish in the context of the fierce social athlete fuelled competition, will have you a long way down the leader board. The Hydroderby since … Continue reading

The one that got away…

The line screams!  Your rod is bent over!  The adrenalin is flowing!  “Big one!, I’ll need another beer” you yell out.  And then… the pressure is suddenly missing.  It takes a few seconds of futile reeling for the horrible truth to sink in.  The hunker fish is gone!  As your heart sinks, you finish your … Continue reading