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Notice of Ammendment – Participation Index

Persuant to PHDSI Sailing Instructions subsection 3.1,  Participation Index has been ammended to now attract a score on a scale 0 to 10. The new scoring criteria are detailed in the following table. Scoresheets and other relevant administrative material will be updated accordingly. Advertisements

Hydro Communique: 2011 Go for Orbit

“Hydro Derby, this is Houston. You are confirmed Go for orbit.” Seventeen hours after launch and we’re pleased to report forty five downloads of the 2011 2nd Annual Pittwater Hydro Derby Summer Invitational Competitor Information Package. The Hydro Derby HQ [Mumbai Outsourcing Branch] has reported strong interest from prospective teams looking to secure a Death … Continue reading

3…2…1… Lift Off

The 2011 Board of Competition Stewards are pleased to announce that like the proverbial watermelon seed spat from the mouth of a 6’2″ 24 year old Brazilian Carnivale Dancer, who enjoys walks along the Copacabana beach front and bathes in nothing but pure coconut butter, the 2011 2nd Annual Pittwater Hydro Derby Summer Invitational has been launched … Continue reading

2011 2nd Annual Pittwater Hydro Derby Summer Invitational

After the stunning success of the widely acclaimed 2009 1st Annual Pittwater Hydro Derby Summer Invitational where the pioneering competitors of Team RAMROD, The Rod Wrestlers, The Triumphant Touristic Trawlers, The Red Rockets, The Dark Horses and The Happy Hookers took to the seas to engage with their piscatorial adversaries under the influence we’re back … Continue reading