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HDIV Team profile: Team Top Gun – I feel the need, the need for speed.

The Miramar Naval Air Station division of Derby HQ, has just received radio contact of a team entry based on the always popular children’s movie “Top Gun”. This quite possibly is the first team to come complete with anthem. This years entry is hoping to take the Hydroderby by the sound barrier, taking the Pittwater Perpetual … Continue reading

HDIV Team Profile: Fear & Loathing

“Some may never live, but the crazy never die” – Hunter S. Thompson As a wave of pre Hydro-Derby excitement crested and broke on the front steps of Hydro-Derby HQ we happened upon the charred husk of justice and truth, clinging to it’s future and delivering this message… Weird heroes and mould-breaking champions exist as living proof … Continue reading

HDIV Team Profile: The Checkout Chicks

The local Sydney division of Hydroderby HQ has received word form our sister city (Melbourne) that an all girls team of Cashiers will be coming to Hydroderby to compete on the “world stage” of competitive fishing and fancy dress. They have aptly called themselves the “checkout chicks” which is so wrong on many levels of … Continue reading

HDIV Team Profile: Sheik & Bake

We’ve just unrolled the following scroll at Hydro-Derby HQ… Fresh from a spot of salmon fishing in the Yemen.we had heard about the bountiful coves of Pittwater. A quick Google of the waterway yielded this Hydro-Derby! What better way to make our trawling debut than at this most prestigious event. We will be arriving by … Continue reading

HDIV Team Profile: The Help

Today the Board of Competition Stewards received this rather disturbing notice of intent… it seems the highest scoring team in Hydro-Derby history, achieving a still controversial score in excess of 10,000 points, and defining the ‘Super Derby’ era is back and ready to leave another stain on the carpet.  

2012 Team Profile: The Cod Botherers

It was a mere matter of moments after the 2012 3rd Annual Hydro-Derby Pittwater Summer Invitational officially launched that two stone tablets miraculously appeared at Hydro-Derby HQ Jerusalem Sub-Branch. Upon translation it is alleged they contain details of the entry for HD3’s first team, The Cod Botherers. Having sprung from the boundless mind of Team … Continue reading

The Inside Line: Dress to Impress

A common miss-conception is that the Hydro-Derby is all about getting sideways while trying to fish. If you were to casually glance at last years spectacle you may think that the only way to win is smash down a Salmanazar of Champagne then go fishing. Although I am happy to touch on the drinking finer … Continue reading

Fear and Loathing in Los Pittwater…a land based Hydro Derby?

Epic. Hunter S Thompson, the grand daddy of Gonzo Journalism would be stirring in his grave with the prospect of so much “pure Gonzo journalism” taking place all over the Hydro Derby arena. How ever what’s not so clear (until i point it out) is the amazing amount of parallels with Thompsons’ Fear and Loathing … Continue reading

The Post-Event Gala Event Post

After the show it’s the afterparty, then After the party it’s the hotel lobby, then After the Belve then it’s probably Cris And after the original it’s probably this Yes ma, Bed-Stuy, Fiesta R. Kelly There are few things sweeter after a hard days Hydro Derbying than letting it all hang out at the Apres … Continue reading

I’ll bring the soy and wasabi.

In a perfect world, all Hydro Derby participants would essentially just bring a sharp knife and some chopsticks to consume the catch as fresh as possible. However the reality is that most of the Hydro time will be spent hauling in small fry taking photos of them next to cans for submission. Could it be … Continue reading