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HDIV: On Shore Guide

Whilst the Hydro-Arena dominates competition there are several important pre and post derby elements that take place on shore. Having a clear team plan for the day will ensure you are all ready to push as hard as possible during the competition. A key part of maximizing your success in the Hydro-Derby is being on … Continue reading

Navigating HDIV – Your Guide to the 2013 Hydro-Arena

Since it’s inception the Hydro-Derby has been rooted in the spirit and culture of Pittwater. This is a pleasant afternoon mucking about on boats, with high range alcohol abuse and dark overtones of cut throat competitiveness mixed in with equal measure. All epic battles have their hallowed turf, center court at Wimbledon, the MCG, Yankee Stadium… for … Continue reading

Fishing in Pittwater, Sydney

Originally posted on I fish therefore I am.:
Pittwater is a funny place to fish, it’s not very nutrient rich so the fish move in and out of the system depending on the food source. It’s been patchy for me lately, one day good the next terrible.   44cm Bream on a Blade from The…

A few words with Rex

Every now and then famous fisherpeeps of the real world stop by Hydro-Derby HQ and talk to other magazines. We then get what they said, skew it 10% and submit. Just like University degrees really…. 1. Name, age, partner, kids and where’s home? Rex James Hunt, 58 years, married to Lynne for 35 years, 2 … Continue reading

Hawking’s Guide to Maximum Points

Originally posted on The Hydro-Derby:
It’s not widely known but, when he’s not pondering the beginnings of the universe, Professor Steven Hawking is an enthusiastic angler.   Indeed he can often be found trundling along the banks of the Cambridge University canals with a large trolling rig gaffa-taped to the frame of his wheelchair. So it…

Your Hydro-Future…?

Elite athletes the world over visualize their future performances… imagining their triumph and just how sweet that victory champagne will taste when it’s slurped from the belly buttons of the full complement of Pirelli Calendar Models. However as honed social athletes we posses neither the constitution or patience for sustained meditation on our futures… usually leaving it … Continue reading

Catching the BIG ONE!

Many a Hydro-Derby Team has dreamed of that mega catch, cleaning out the competition with a 50 canner. To date the closest anyone has come were The Triumphant Touristic Trawlers and the ‘Flathead-Gate’ of HD1… If someone is going to go surpass those early victories we need to look a little further a field… Sailfish are … Continue reading

Upping your Angling Quotient

Through out the Ages as man has sought to wrangle with his Piscatorial Adversary a litany of errors have been cataloged. In the two editions of Hydro-Derby thus far we’ve each witnessed literally dozens of crucial errors being made as teams battle that elusive piscatorial adversary. Without wanting to tip the field to anyone’s favour how about we … Continue reading

Hydro-Derby Kit… getting that winning edge!

If you are a mad keen Hydro-Derbyist bent on world domination and hoisting the Pittwater Perpetual Pail, then you want the best fishing gear available. But, it can be quite pricey if you shop retail. Thankfully, there are a few online stores that offer fishing gear at very reasonable prices. In this Hydro Communique, we … Continue reading

The Inside Line: Dress to Impress

A common miss-conception is that the Hydro-Derby is all about getting sideways while trying to fish. If you were to casually glance at last years spectacle you may think that the only way to win is smash down a Salmanazar of Champagne then go fishing. Although I am happy to touch on the drinking finer … Continue reading