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HDIV Team Profile: The Checkout Chicks

The local Sydney division of Hydroderby HQ has received word form our sister city (Melbourne) that an all girls team of Cashiers will be coming to Hydroderby to compete on the “world stage” of competitive fishing and fancy dress. They have aptly called themselves the “checkout chicks” which is so wrong on many levels of … Continue reading

HDIV Team Profile: Sheik & Bake

We’ve just unrolled the following scroll at Hydro-Derby HQ… Fresh from a spot of salmon fishing in the Yemen.we had heard about the bountiful coves of Pittwater. A quick Google of the waterway yielded this Hydro-Derby! What better way to make our trawling debut than at this most prestigious event. We will be arriving by … Continue reading

HDIV Team Profile: The Help

Today the Board of Competition Stewards received this rather disturbing notice of intent… it seems the highest scoring team in Hydro-Derby history, achieving a still controversial score in excess of 10,000 points, and defining the ‘Super Derby’ era is back and ready to leave another stain on the carpet.  

2012 Team Profile: The Cod Botherers

It was a mere matter of moments after the 2012 3rd Annual Hydro-Derby Pittwater Summer Invitational officially launched that two stone tablets miraculously appeared at Hydro-Derby HQ Jerusalem Sub-Branch. Upon translation it is alleged they contain details of the entry for HD3’s first team, The Cod Botherers. Having sprung from the boundless mind of Team … Continue reading

2012 Hydro-Derby Launch Day… coming soon

After many weeks of working through the format of 2012’s Hydro-Derby (fishing-drinking-fancy dress) we have stumbled upon Hydro Man… possibly a figment of our imagination. We may or may not have plagerised the following… Hydro Man aka Morris “Morrie” Bench gains his superpowers while as a crewman on the cargo ship the U.S.S.Bulldog, having been knocked overboard accidentally by Spider-Man (after the hero … Continue reading

The Inside Line: Your Board of Competition Stewards

From its earliest days as a germ of an idea conceived atop the grand piano of a Surry Hills bar the Hydro-Derby has required an invisible hand to chart its trajectory into the Eternal Parthenon of World Sporting Glory. The Board of Competition Stewards formed its first quorum at the Golden Bowling Ball in the lead … Continue reading

2011 Team Profile: The Stepfords

So the late entries continue to roll in to the Hydro Derby’s various global HQ’s… with the latest and greatest coming to us from the leafy northern suburbs of Sydney. Delivered with a stunning backhand lob by a strapping young lad in tennis whites the hand written letter of intent was presented on bone white … Continue reading

2011 Team Profile: The Triumphant Touristic Trawlers

Lookout! At 2.52am Friday morning local time the Hydro Derby HQ (Bangalore Sub-Outsourcing Registration Processing Branch) received word via INTERPOL and a wikileaks blog, that The Triumphant Touristic Trawlers (TTTT) were indeed lining up for a second suck of the sauce bottle in the Hydroderby, when Captain J Mc, recently was interviewed by the Hydro … Continue reading

2011 Team Profile: Dirty Mexicans

At 2am Monday morning local time the Hydro Derby HQ (Bangalore Sub-Outsourcing Registration Processing Branch) was firebombed into the Devonian Age. Luckily due to the recent GFC we were running only a skeleton staff of a half dozen Indus Perch from the River Vrishabhavathi, all escaped with only a minor poaching. This morning it was widely … Continue reading

2011 Team Profile: Team Gout

The 2011 Board of Competition Stewards are honoured to announce the second official team entry for the 2011 2nd Annual Pittwater Hydro Derby Summer Invitational! Whilst the scuttlebutt has held talk of a formidable force being assembled from west of the Great Divide for some weeks it was the arrival of a ill tempered sea bass … Continue reading