Like all elite sports the world over the Hydro-Derby has developed its own complex language, from official terms to unique banter between athletes… for those new to the Hydro-Derby experience this overview should point you in the right direct come Derby-Day!

  • Active Fishing Device: These are fishing lines for surface, bottom or pelagic fishing or any other implement which is used to target specific fish such as spears, harpoons, depth charges or electro-shock equipment. 
  • Angling Quotient (AQ): The AQ is the expression of a teams fishing score as part of their Overall Total Score, comprised of the following elements; Number of Fish Caught, Total Length of Fish in Derbycans, Number of Different Species Caught. 
  • Board of Competition Stewards: The Hydro-Derby’s peak body, and the cause of and solution to all of your Hydro-Derby problems. The distinguished members are all veterans of at least two consecutive Hydro-Derby competitions. 
  • “Can-Up” Ruling: When measuring a Piscatorial Adversary a competitor must round up to the next full Derbycan, we don’t do decimals on the water. 
  • Crazy Ivan: A stern clearing manoever to shake a competitive team trailing you to your favoured side of the Hydro-Arena. 
  • Depth-Charge: A daring tactic employed by teams seeking to maximise their DP. In the closing stages of the Competitive Window a team may elect a member or members who must unleash the Depth-Charge upon themselves. Taking various forms (e.g. O.P Rum, Straight Vodka, Sicilian G&T’s) the intent is to consume an preposterous number of Standard Drinks whose effects will not be fully realised until after the closing of the Competitive Window, leaving the team members to their own consequences on dry land, but whose scores will tally toward their OTS.  
  • Derby-can: The Standard Measuring Unit for catch length, a 375ml aluminium beer can. SI unit for measuring fish (Dc) 
  • “Doing a Dorlo”: Becoming so overwhelmingly intoxicated you can’t operate protective eyewear 
  • Drinking Particle (DP): The DP is the drinking score for your team as a component of your Overall Total Score. Components include total weight of all crew in kilograms and the total number of standard drinks consumed during the competitive window. 
  • Hydro-Arena: Your field of play for the Hydro-Derby, as described in your Competitors Package. 
  • Hydro-Ales: Craft beer specially brewed for the unique demands of Hydro-Derby competitors
  • Hydro-Communiqué: The gospel as handed down by the Board of Competition Stewards
  • Hydro-Gala: Some would say this is the actual highlight of every Hydro-Derby… Apres-Derby drinking, banter, hydro-ales and the chance to BBQ your catch of the day. 
  • Hydro-HQ: An anonymous PO Box in Bangalore, Cuba and Brgat.
  • Hydro-Vessel: Your chariot that will take your to Hydro-Derby glory. Generally a yellow tinnie that can carry up to six team mates, however the Board of Competition Stewards will accept just about anything. 
  • “Hydroderbyist max participation”: Becoming so overwhelmingly intoxicated that you take all your clothes off, throw yourself into the sea and then evacuate all exits in the forepeak of your Hydro-Vessel. 
  • Overall Total Score (OTS): The OTS is the number your team lives or dies by. The one true measure of Hydro-Glory. Combining your Participation Index, Angling Quotient and Drinking Particle. 
  • Participation Index (PI): A subjective measure from a board of random strangers assembled on the day of just how awesome your teams outfits are. Points for style, execution, intent and artistic licence. 
  • Passive Fishing Device: The sloths route to Hydro-Glory… gill nets, plastic six pack holders stitched together, fish traps, lobster pots etc
  • Piscatorial Adversary: Anything naturally inhabiting the Hydro-Arena with an endo or exo-skeletal structure that you can catch, measure and photograph. Eating optional.
  • Pittwater: Spiritual home of the Hydro-Derby, approx 35km north of Sydney
  • Race Control: With the Board of Competition Stewards generally all fancying their own tilt at Hydro-Glory come Derby Day it is up to Race Control to act as an independent governing body, purveyors of the on water cocktail lounge, and resolvers of all disputes. 
  • Social Athlete: Any athlete who in it as much for the good times and an ale or two as the win. 
  • Spectator Barge: A large and erratic obstacle of the Hydro-Arena, generally packed with those who couldn’t wrangle their way onto a team or simply fancied a drink on the water without getting covered in raw prawn.
  • Starting Sequence
  • Tinnie: A small aluminium boat, favoured by most teams for their robust construction in ramming other vessels. 



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