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Its coming…. 7th January 2012

After a recent convening of the Board of Competition Stewards we can confirm that Hydro-Derby 3: Beyond Thunderdome is returning to Pittwater on Saturday January 7th 2012. Get ready, get excited… this one is going to blow your mind! The Board of Competition Stewards met under the banner ‘Moderation is a fatal thing, Nothing succeeds … Continue reading

2012 3rd Annual Pittwater Hydro-Derby Summer Invitational

Hydro-Derby 3: Beyond Thunderdome. It’s coming and there’s nothing you can do about it!

Classic Catches… Hydro-Edition

At the Hydro-Derby HQ we love to appropriate a good idea and make it our own… As the Hydro-Derby spreads like a bad case of crabs through a college dorm it is time we look back at some of the lesser known triumphs that have come to define this sport of champions. Everyone who was … Continue reading

If we’re going for Round Three…

Boogity Boogity Boogity!!!

With just over 24 hours till the 2nd Annual 2011 Pittwater Hydro Derby Summer Invitational the atmosphere is electric! Teams have been scrambling to optimize their Hydro strategies, with a spate of last minute crew trading, as they look to maximize their ‘angling quotient’ and most critically the potential ‘standards per tonne’ ratings. At this late stage most teams … Continue reading

Fear and Loathing in Los Pittwater…a land based Hydro Derby?

Epic. Hunter S Thompson, the grand daddy of Gonzo Journalism would be stirring in his grave with the prospect of so much “pure Gonzo journalism” taking place all over the Hydro Derby arena. How ever what’s not so clear (until i point it out) is the amazing amount of parallels with Thompsons’ Fear and Loathing … Continue reading

2011 Team Profile: The Stepfords

So the late entries continue to roll in to the Hydro Derby’s various global HQ’s… with the latest and greatest coming to us from the leafy northern suburbs of Sydney. Delivered with a stunning backhand lob by a strapping young lad in tennis whites the hand written letter of intent was presented on bone white … Continue reading

Hydro Brew – a hop in the right direction

Like a stealth Ninja, last Sunday the Hydro Derby Brew team smashed out 80L of mighty fine beer for the much anticipated after party. Included within the brews were the following samples that shall be available for you – Après Hydro Derby. Australian Pale Ale American Pale Ale Amps Wheat Beer Special Ass Beer Pale … Continue reading

This is the final countdown….

five ah ah ah huh? Hydroderbyists a communique from the Count. Five days are left to register your Hydro intentions. Join the likes of Team RAMROD and Team Gout in the quest for as the French may term it “piscatorial et hydro dominance”. I know that there are some lurking teams out there ready to … Continue reading

2011 Team Profile: The Triumphant Touristic Trawlers

Lookout! At 2.52am Friday morning local time the Hydro Derby HQ (Bangalore Sub-Outsourcing Registration Processing Branch) received word via INTERPOL and a wikileaks blog, that The Triumphant Touristic Trawlers (TTTT) were indeed lining up for a second suck of the sauce bottle in the Hydroderby, when Captain J Mc, recently was interviewed by the Hydro … Continue reading